Training as a means of progress

Creating platforms that facilitate the extension and access to quality training is one of our most powerful goals and assets. Working with educational institutions always gives us the opportunity to provide innovative tools designed to optimize the educational process. In short, bring out the best of us.

Customized training

One of our tool’s most outstanding feature is the search for customization. We work hard so that the system focuses on the areas that the student really needs to work on.

An example could be the courses made for the Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 certification.

Students should only worry about learning. Therefore, MOS2016 uses a clear and intuitive methodology where the student practices directly within the applications for the desired certification.

The content includes training about Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016 both in English and Spanish. Besides working directly within the application itself, it is the best training for those who want to get certified in Microsoft Office because it covers all of the exam objectives included in the Microsoft Office Specialist program.

The pedagogical foundation of these courses is the customization of the training path (through an initial knowledge assessment) and a methodology based on continuous hands-on practice by the student, who interacts with the real program while the system evaluates his or her progress. This way, the student gets familiarized with the material in a simple and natural way.

The theoretical content can be accessed directly while completing a specific task. This is offered through a gamification system with the goal of motivating the students throughout the learning process.

Assessment of current knowledge level

Knowing where to start is a strategic advantage that minimizes costs associated with time and resources. With this in mind, Media Interactiva facilitates the necessary support to execute a reliable assessment of knowledge from which to build any training action.

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Own certification

Having a certification of its own adds value to the organization that manages it and expands the possibilities of the student who wants to polish his or her curriculum. For entities that want to launch their own certification service, we provide the experience and infrastructures necessary to complete the entire process.

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Preparation for IT certifications

We have a full platform for evaluation, learning and practice, designed for the success of the certification phase. These tools are used daily by thousands of people and constitute a means of constant professional training and improvement.

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