A customized system

Expand your knowledge and build up to your desired skill level. Immersive training is on the rise thanks to tools such as PTS which make it easier to truly learn new concepts. After completing an initial assessment, it adapts to your knowledge level by determining those areas that you need to improve on. These are the main PTS characteristics at your display:

  • Greater learning quality and higher chances of passing:
    Thanks to a methodology based on performance and practice, it is guaranteed that the student truly learns.
  • Always accompanied during the training process:
    The instructors can monitor the student’s progress in order to determine where he or she needs help.
  • Customized content:
    Allow the student to focus on those areas that need improvement.
  • Content mapped to the exam:
    The content covers all the objectives and topics included in the exam, increasing the chances of passing the exam on the first attempt, and also increasing the chances of getting hired.
  • Accessible from anywhere you want:
    Thanks to its multi-device and multi-screen capability, the student can complete the course from a computer or a mobile device.

Assessment of current knowledge level

Whether you are a student or a professional, the assessment of knowledge about a specific subject is the starting point from which to undertake the appropriate training actions. For this purpose, we offer tools that besides evaluating, design a personalized training path.

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Customized consulting and training

Reach your training goals. Optimize your results and expand your possibilities within the current labor market. Our team will assess your training needs to develop a strategy according to your level and objectives and will provide direct support.

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Preparation for IT certifications

When facing today’s competitive labor market, the certification of knowledge and skills is of great importance. Media Interactiva has the necessary tools to help you with preparation for certifications, through a platform that guides you through the whole training process.

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