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Our specialization positions us as the necessary support for your content’s digital transformation.

Evolution of training

The evolution of training goes through the process of adapting procedures and content to technologies. This enables the implementation of functionalities that facilitate both the creation of training actions for the content provider, as well as the learning process for students and professionals.

Start your training

Courses can be created using your own content throughout authoring tool. This way, we facilitate a process that may lead to a significant improvement and profitability for your business.

Evaluation based on constant practice

The result is a course that takes place in an immersive environment. This is possible due to:

Simulation exercises

They show the whole exercise with step-by-step instructions, and the student is asked to repeat all the actions in a simulated application environment.

Live in the app exercises

The student is asked to perform an exercise in the actual application and performance is evaluated by the system.

No previous technical knowledge required

It is an intuitive tool prepared so that any person without programming or design knowledge can use it. Therefore, it is possible for the client to directly create the practice content working with the tool.

Own certification

A certification service provided by a publisher brings recognition to the brand, strengthening it at the same time. Besides being a great business opportunity, it also provides important support to the development of people, the labor market and the growing culture of certifications of skills.

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Content development

Media Interactiva offers publishing entities several services such as the adaptation of content and its implementation throughout processes and training possibilities offered by an online tool. This ensures that the actions do not lead to a counterproductive consumption of your company’s resources.

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Training Consulting

The way to approach a training project based on elearning is critical for the achievement of objectives. Media Interactiva contributes its knowledge acquired within the industry to ensure the profitability of actions and projects.

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