Helping improve the administration process helps everyone

Our goal is to remain as industry leaders. Working closely with companies such as Pearson, Certiport, Microsoft and others, we make that possible. By offering a service to public entities, we make tools available to all and set an open door to an emerging labor market.

Our platform offers:

Higher quality of learning and higher percentage of passing scores

Thanks to a methodology based on the procedure (know-how) and practice, it ensures that the student really learns.

Agile solution

Our tools are easily implemented with other systems such as an external LMS.

Absolute control of the entire training process

Both the instructor and manager can make a personalized follow-up of all students and teachers.

Content and customized training paths

Different training paths can be created to meet a diverse range of students.

Certifying entity

Media Interactiva successfully covers the whole process required for the development of your own certification project. From the planning to the delivery in hand of the whole training system developed for the certification.

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Training and resource update

Media Interactiva also develops training for small or big teams from different professional areas. We provide efficient solutions for any need related to training or evaluation of candidates for public institutions.

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Training consulting

Media Interactiva, specialized in training technology and instructional design, is a great support for helping companies have an effective training.

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