Tools for professional development

Media Interactiva offers a certification preparation solution for students and professionals through a training and evaluation system.

Some advantages of certifications:

For businesses

  • Increase in productivity since the certified professionals are familiar with the field in which they are going to work.
  • The satisfaction of the team and the development of knowledge acquired by the professional, which stays within the company.
  • The competitive advantage of having an officially certified team that is continuously being refreshed.

For professionals

  • A certified professional has an added value due to his or her knowledge and tools to carry out tasks.
  • Access to employment closely connected to expectations and to the the training path chosen by the professional.
  • Obtaining an official certification is the best way for individuals to get specialized in a specific subject as well as to update their skills.

Why get certified?

Several research studies conducted by CompTIA and Pearson VUE show that companies rather hire certified candidates since they are considered to be more efficient. Up to 58% of companies consider certified professionals to be more valuable, while 53% believe those individuals fulfill their obligations better than those who lack a certification.

An official certification proves technological skills and shows that a candidate cares about learning, growing and improving. Hiring certified professionals instead of those who are not certified is increasingly becoming a safe bet, guaranteeing success for the company.

Official certifications are becoming more important globally for companies, students and professionals.