Create a certifying entity

We develop the necessary infrastructure for an organization to start certifying. Besides being specialized in elearning and training and evaluation platforms, Media Interativa is dedicated to the development of applications, and it is capable of carrying out such project.

Certifications are becoming more important by the day within a labor market that demands the accreditation of skills, but it is also an important business opportunity.

Media Interactiva works with some of the largest worldwide developers of certification solutions, such as Certiport and Pearson VUE, with whom it has worked on the development of some of the most well know certifications such as  Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Associate and Autodesk ACU.

The value of certifications

Personal certifications are increasing in value worldwide, but what is the true value of a certification?

This is a common question for students who have just graduated and start looking for their first job, professionals who want to reinforce their jobs or improve their salaries and even senior executives who need to learn about new technologies in order to be up-to-date.

Some benefits of the official certification

International recognition

Generally, official certifications are valued worldwide and allow individuals to prove that they have the necessary skills to effectively fulfill the position wherever it may be.

Standing out

An official certification adds value to your resume and can be key in finding a job, specially in today’s labor market.

Job excellence 

Certifications prepare individuals to face real work situations and guarantees that you will be able to overcome any challenges efficiently and without any mistakes.

Higher salary

Certifications often mean a higher salary, due to the individual’s ability to carry out a higher amount of work, in a more precise manner.