Media Interactiva was founded with a main goal

Become the world leader in educational technology software and learning content for the official accreditation in the IT market.
  1. The begining

    2005 to 2010

    Back in 2005 and after spending 5 years acquiring knowledge about the educational technology industry, Samuel Brocal returned to Seville, from where he continued to work for the north american company Certiport. He made the right choice to interact with Certiport at a management level while managing development projects and leading teams of over 30 remote workers.

    In 2010, he rethought the structure of the business in order to offer an even better service to the client, setting the foundation for what Media Interactiva is nowadays.

  2. Media Interactiva is founded


    Employees in Spain: 8
    Employees in the USA: 0
    Exams released: 58

    Media Interactiva was founded in January of 2011 with an international outlook, even though it is rooted in Seville, where it gives back to the community and from where it recruits its human capital.

    During this first phase, the group worked on projects based on Visual Basic Application and Microsoft Office Specialist 2010.

  3. First alliances


    Employees in Spain: 16
    Employees in the USA: 0
    Exams released: 49

    In 2012, Media Interactiva became a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and worked on the development of MI Test Engine, our first self-created practice test solution.

  4. Take off


    Employees in Spain: 25
    Employees in the USA: 1
    Exams released: 82

    Media Interactiva started a new project with the Chambers of Commerce to promote IT certifications among the training and professional fields.

  5. A critical year


    Employees in Spain: 33
    Employees in the USA: 1
    Exams released: 252

    Media Interactiva acquired MeasureUp in 2014, the leading provider of certification practice tests for IT professionals. Meanwhile, MI worked on strengthening its relationships with the Chambers of Commerce, reinforcing the certification project, known as Certinet.

  6. New line of business


    Employees in Spain: 44
    Employees in the USA: 4
    Exams released: 671

    During 2015, Media Interactiva expanded its projects and started working on PTS (Performance Testing Solution), a suite of technological tools, interrelated by an API, which allows the users to create a learning environment based on the control and comprehensive monitoring of students.

    On the other hand, Media Interactiva became a Pearson Vue Authorized Testing Center while MeasureUp became the Microsoft Official Practice Test provider.

  7. The year of consolidation


    Employees in Spain: 57
    Employees in the USA: 5
    Exams released: 671

    Efforts in 2016 were focused on improving work processes used for both external and internal projects, continuing our journey towards excellence and consolidating relationships with the main certification companies, forming a strong group of business lines with great potential. In addition, Media Interactiva launched a new product offering of elearning courses and practice tests about Microsoft Office 2016.

  8. Year of growth


    Employees in Spain: 56
    Employees in the USA: 4

    For 2017, Media Interactiva has set new challenges such as customizing practice test questions and integrating virtual reality into training programs.