Progress and adjustment

We use the most advanced tools in the market, which allow us to create and communicate tasks and project statuses efficiently, to document defects and to create detailed reports for each project, task or employee.

At Media Interactiva, we rely on the open source software movement as much as possible. When creating solutions, we try to take advantage of the Open source technology to avoid doing what others have already developed efficiently, and therefore invest our resources in making innovative contributions to the community.

Besides allowing more freedom when developing, it implies a decrease of costs, ease of access, adjustment to specific necessities and support the end user through online help forums. It also allows our tools to be easily integrated with other applications.


At Media Interactiva we use the most advanced tools which allow us to effectively create and communicate tasks as well as the status of projects, properly document defects and create detailed reports for each project, task or worker within the company.

Innovative applications for managing our work through which we encourage team participation, we centralize the necessary resources to manage projects and we efficiently create reports for our clients about each task carried out in any project.

We also adapt to the internal management programs used within your organization. A clear example of this is OnTime, a tool used by our main clients to manage their use of time and defects. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to use applications with remote connections that allow access to their servers, for example 2XClient.

At Media Interactiva we believe in data integrity and transparent documentation, available for the whole team to review. Therefore, we use one of the best version control systems, “Subversión”, designed specifically to replace the popular CVS.

We work with virtualization applications to create virtual machines that simulate the various possible environments that the project may have to deal with, and to manage the localizations of those projects. Some of the main virtualization programs that we use are Virtual PC and Virtual Box.