Knowledge has no limits

As society faces growing inequality, access to education opportunities is the best and most important factor in the development of any community. That is why the dissemination of knowledge is one of Media Interactiva’s main premises.

At Media Interactiva we firmly believe that education is the means by which we will reach a more balanced, respectful and ultimately happier society.

Besides being two of our core values, our integrity and commitment when it comes to doing business have enabled us to reach a position that allows us to positively influence society. A way of doing so locally is by creating both employment and business opportunities. Furthermore, it allows us to work on providing learning opportunities.

Due to collaborations with other entities, measures that truly bring about significant improvements become reality. Media Interactiva, whose priority is education, collaborates with the “Multiplica por la infancia” program, which aims to mobilize resources for the education of children in Africa.

Media Interactiva’s responsibility is to continuously improve the technology and learning content in IT, helping young people and professionals to officially validate their skills.

We grow together

Making the necessary tools for growth available to everyone is part of our objective, part of our dream.

Contributing to the development of society is the greatest and most important project that we may ever face. With that in mind, we take on this responsibility and work each day to establish a strong ground to continue growing in that direction.