A great team is formed through a great recruitment process

For a company that manages human resources for organizations and professional candidates, and matches them to meet necessities and demands, it is important to minimize the margin of error when assigning candidates to a specific job.

Media Interactiva offers the PTS system (Performance Testing Solution), a unique educational tool, capable of adapting to any training and evaluation needs.

These are some of its main characteristics:

Improve profitability in training costs

The learning curve is reduced, and we can ensure that the students have learned, thanks to the evaluation based on practice, simulations of processes and customization of the training path.

Customized learning methodology

Training paths optimize the budget of training activities. It reduces execution time for the staff assigned to training through evidence of prior knowledge to generate the training paths of each person.

Centralized administration management

The partner portal facilitates the administration management through its centralization, which is, accessible from any operating system and mobile device.

Flexible and integrated system

PTS is formed by powerful interrelated tools, and is capable of including other products such as MeasureUp, and external tools like LMS, management portals, etc.
It can be used as a complete system or just parts of it based on organizational needs.

Do you need to carry out an evaluation process?

Media Interactiva offers PTS, an educational platform capable of adapting to any training and evaluation needs. Our existing content for other lines of business is also available for your organization’s usage, for example MeasureUp, official practice test provider or LearnMOS, our revolutionary elearning courses and practice tests focused on the main applications of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.

Content development

Given the need to carry out an evaluation of a specific subject or area, we have the necessary skills to elaborate content aimed at usability, functionality and teaching objectives.

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Customized consulting and training

In addition to the PTS tool, Media Interactiva has the necessary infrastructure to develop training solutions tailored to your project. Our experience in this field allows us to offer an excellent service of training consultancy, thanks to a team highly qualified individuals focused on achieving objectives.

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Assessment of current knowledge level

For a human resources consulting firm, knowledge assessment is the basis for knowing the professional skills of the individuals within a company. This type of action provides a great amount of useful data to achieve greater efficiency in work processes.

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