Create a solid evaluation process

Whether we are talking about an HR agency or an elearning company, the evaluation of knowledge is essential to obtain results for achieving an objective.

Besides assessing specific knowledge, our evaluation tools enable a detailed monitoring of the group’s progress thanks to its scalability.

Media Interactiva has its own tools to measure reliable data about individuals’ skills. If your training or skill measurement poses a technological challenge, Media Interactiva has the ability to properly develop a customized solution.

Benefits of evaluations

A good starting point

The best way to improve your skills is to know where you or your team stand in terms of capabilities.

Well-designed training path

Once it is clear which areas need improvement, a learning plan can be designed.

Learning more about your staff

The data obtained through an evaluation reflects the staff’s current level of knowledge.

A team that is up-to-date

These kind of actions positively affect the work environment and help in the process of upgrading the team’s capabilities.