Support from a leading company

Media Interactiva is focused on the development of training tools and is positioned as a leader in the creation of elearning resources and platforms.

Companies related to elearning services can find huge support in Media Interactiva in terms of content, evaluation systems, hands-on training and infrastructures for certifications.

Content development

The development of content for a training plan requires both broad knowledge about the subject and a period of adaptation in order to meet the educational goal. The creation of this type of content has led us to work for the most important companies in the industry, thanks to a team that we provide for your project.

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Assessment of current knowledge level

Knowing and keeping your team’s capabilities up-to-date is essential to achieve goals. These types of actions are necessary tools for the project and development of a project. Media Interactive has an effective evaluation tool: Performance Testing Solution.

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Preparation for certifications

At Media Interactiva we have focused our efforts on the creation of tools that allow learning and practice, as well as making it possible to obtain the official certification. Media Interactiva can provide solid support for your project or training action due to its connections with the most important companies in the industry.

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The process for setting up a training method is the following:

01. Starting point

The first step is to define the current situation.

02. Case analysis

With an initial evaluation of the situation, we can proceed to establish the process to follow based on the objectives and possibilities.

03. Content creation

Media Interactiva has an authoring tool where the content can be created.

04. Training setup

This setup includes establishing student groups by level and assigning each of them their practice activities and exams.

05. Training execution

The students can access the courses online and the online part of the course that is half on-site, half online in the evaluation platform within PTS.

06. Validation of obtained knowledge

When a student completes a module in learn mode, the teacher gives him or her access to the same module in test mode. These last results ensure whether or not the
student has learned.

07. Training management

The training can be managed from the portal during the whole group and student progress, making it possible to compare in order to see the improvement in the team experience throughout the process.

08. Final result

The training takes place during the set date and the students validate their new skills through PTS (Performance Testing Solution).