We understand your needs

We understand your needs

Since its founding, Media Interactiva’s actions have been guided by integrity, corporate responsibility and the full compliance of all applicable laws.

Due to its nature, this Code of Conduct does not cover all possible situations that may occur. Its intent is to be a point of reference for employees and the company itself when it comes to carrying out any activity.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

Is to be the world leader in educational technology software and learning content for the official accreditation in the IT market where we develop, launch and refine a wide variety of meaningful products and services.

Media Interactiva’s responsibility is to continuously improve the technology and learning content in IT, helping young people and professionals to officially validate their skills.

Our vision

Is to launch initiatives that benefit society and our commitment is to create value for the company’s stakeholders so that Media Interactiva is a sustainable company.

These values guide our actions and behavior

Advancement and innovation

Ability to modify things based on situations that have not been contemplated before. It involves coming up with new and different solutions for issues that may arise and making improvements through the implementation of creative processes.


Feeling the company’s goals as your own. Preventing and overcoming obstacles that may interfere with meeting objectives and creating a work environment that allows the group to work efficiently as a sole entity.

Collaboration and people development

It involves helping others grow intellectually and morally. We strive to offer growth and fulfillment opportunities to our employees, our business partners and to the communities where we operate.


Acting with honesty and accordingly to what is considered to be morally or ethically right. Communicating intentions, ideas and feelings openly and directly, and being willing to act with honesty even during difficult negotiations with external agents.

Law enforcement

Media Interactiva and all of its employees are committed to acting under the current legislation regarding the place where its activity is carried out, with no exceptions. Employees must also follow the rules established by the company, avoiding any behavior or actions that may lead to breaking the law, or that while being legal, may jeopardize the law enforcement or may not be ethically acceptable under the strict business criteria.

Confidentiality and authenticity

The employee declares that the work performed and the products generated and submitted to Media Interactiva Software SL must be original, must have not been entirely or partially published previously, must not break any law, must have no assigned license or must have not been recorded in any way.

The employee will avoid violating any patent, copyright, registered brand or disclosure of any commercial secret or any other information that may be confidential or may belong to a third party. If the product(s) includes information or content that a third party may have a right to, either through a patent, author rights, commercial secrets or any other type of rights, the employee must obtain, without any cost for Media Interactiva Software SL, the written permission to include those materials in the development of the project. This written permission must be consistent with all the rights granted to Media Interactiva Software SL.

Work relationships

Our starting point will always be the consulting and market research agreement, which will be our reference framework in terms of the labor legislation.

Our work system encourages good relationships in the workplace. All jobs performed by each employee are an important piece of the whole project, which is the result of teamwork.

Commitment to education

The main purpose of Media Interactiva is to contribute to the world of Educational Technology: “Design theory and practice, development, use, management, and evaluation of learning processes and resources.”
Access to the so-called knowledge-based society requires profound changes in schools; they must be capable of providing quality education to all children from all over the world. There are increasing risks of social exclusion for those not up-to-date on new technologies; schools must heavily tackle both their use of these technologies as well as their training with them.

Being involved in important worldwide projects is gratifying, but somewhat dizzying. Despite being a great responsibility, it provides us with great satisfaction to be the ones that carry out of the creation of exams, certifications, and educational material that allows millions of people from all cultures to obtain new knowledge or to validate knowledge that they already possess. Feeling that even just a thousandth of that personal success is thanks to Media Interactiva is something that makes us proud.

We at Media Interactiva want to join the new challenge in the world of education, and we’re placing our bets on elearning. One must open oneself to new alternatives, expanding one’s ideological and pedagogical visions to reform education.

At Media Interactiva we believe in technology as a method for learning and evaluation, and that’s why we have contributed to education by creating tools such as PTS, unique educational tool capable of adapting to any training and evaluation needs.

With this in mind, Media Interactiva has joined UNICEF in their effort to offer education to all children through a monthly donation to their “Multiplica por la infancia” initiative.

“There is no development without education” which is why Media Interactiva supports the defense of children’s educational rights.

Workplace anti-harassment policy

Media Interactiva fosters the prevention of workplace bullying and sexual harassment and promotes an environment free of offenses in which all employees respect each other and work together to achieve common goals.

Any act of harassment against any member of MI is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. Such actions can be inappropriate comments, gestures, unwanted deliberate touching, sexual assault or any display of offensive material.

We are fully committed to:

  • Investigating any case objectively reported.
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent and deal with this matter.
  • Provide the proper support to those who at any point might have felt harassed or sexually assaulted.
  • Not undertake any retaliation against anyone who reports a case of this type, unless it is proven that such accusation is malicious or lacks probable or reasonable bases.
  • Managers at all levels must be aware of any manifestation of harassment or sexual abuse, and therefore will be subject to immediate reporting.