Manage internal change to become a change agent

When a company makes adjustments to its staff, refocusing, training and integrating new resources in order to adapt to new required competencies, it needs a specialized team to take care of the management, administration and mastering of such actions, otherwise, the chances of obtaining unwanted results will increase.

Companies are in continuous need of adaptation due to important factors such as the market situation, customer demand, cost of resources, technology.

The training actions focused on maintaining a trained and updated staff are the way of growing and solidifying a company.

The tools we offer enable us to carry out and manage training processes tailored to the needs of your work team.

Media Interactiva helps your company minimize the negative aspects of change, and empower the positive ones to successfully adapt to the new situation.

1. Gather information

2. Analysis and summary

3. Agreement about the analysis

4. Initial perspective of changes

5. Intervention strategy

6. Design of initial plan

7. Agreement about the initial plan

8. Implementation process

9. Design of detailed plan

10. Design of communication plan

11. Development and implementation

12. Training, practice and manuals

13. Initial impact overview

14. Continuous improvements

15. Final impact evaluation

Change management services are intended for companies that are interested in optimizing their functionality and improving their teams and projects.