There are no half-measures in business...

You either pass or you fail

Ensure that your teams meet the training expectations, deadlines and the budget thanks to the services that are shaking up the market.

No time to waste

Develop and grow your business quicker by keeping invaluable resources at your reach. Our educational consulting services give you specialized guidance, experience, customized tools and resources regardless of the size of your company or industry.


Help your new employees obtain a global vision and fit perfectly into the system, laying the foundations that will allow them to develop their maximum potential. With Media Interactiva, this is not only limited to the first day when it comes to providing resources, the connections and necessary tools.

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Content development

The design and development of content for training requires proper structuring and thorough planning in order to make it easier for participants to check their progress.  This will also make it easier for users to learn but also for the teacher to create high quality content, as well as to manage and to monitor.

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Efficient change management

Plan the change, follow up with it and manage your resources from a centralized point. Take control of every detail, from the cause to the approval processes through a few clicks only.

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Periodic training

Provide your employees the necessary training to obtain the most suitable knowledge and practices for the requirements that your business may need at each specific moment in time, and ultimately increase your benefits and competitivity.

Or design active and permanent training processes that provide value to professionals in any industry, with the goal of keeping their knowledge, abilities and attitudes up to date and in continuous improvement process when facing technological advancements and the demands and necessities of society or the business system itself.

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Customized training with a hands-on focus

Ensure that your staff gets the best training possible in order to contribute to the company’s progress. Media Interactiva offers a wide variety of services that can help your teams reach the highest performance for each of the training activities that your company may undertake.

We develop training with a complete hands-on focus that follows a scientifically proven learning method with the goal of improving productivity and ensuring that the users have learned. This training will allow you to decrease your dependence on external support and to maximize the results of your investment in order to have a competitive advantage.

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