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During the last week of September, Media Interactiva traveled to The Netherlands to attend the E-ATP 2017 Conference and to present PTS, our innovative training and evaluation platform.

This year’s edition introduced the latest advances in assessment design, development, and delivery that will lead to future improvements in the testing industry.

Many industry leaders from Europe have gathered throughout the 3 day event in educational workshops, informative breakout sessions and product demonstrations to discuss cutting-edge topics.

Our CEO, Samuel Brocal, carried out a product demonstration to exhibit all of PTS’ capabilities and uses. PTS allows companies to optimize the recruitment process and to create training for current employees. In addition, it includes simulations that offer real world application in a non-threatening, safe environment to better acquire knowledge. Therefore, it allows the company to validate knowledge in order to ensure true learning.

Great teams start with great recruitment. Make it happen with PTS.

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